Our plan in action

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Our plan in action

Actions speak louder

The Student Strategic Plan represents our commitment to foster an unparalleled student experience. It guides our efforts to ensure that every student at UBC has access and thrives in all aspects of their lives at university and beyond.

Our vision includes launching diverse programs, empowering students, and inspiring the best from our faculty, staff, alumni, and partners. Our Plan in Action captures the impact and potential of the Student Strategic Plan.

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Featured initiatives

These are a selection of Student Strategic Plan initiatives that have positively impacted students and the UBC community.

Additional activities and initiatives

Below are highlights of our ongoing work in advancing the student experience. 

Transformative learning reinforced through engagement

  • Emerge Career Week: career supports and workshops for BIPOC students (UBC Okanagan)
  • Expanded grant programs to support community-engaged learning for international students (UBC Vancouver)
  • LinkedIn Learning Pilot (UBC Vancouver)
  • Advancing culturally supportive services and programs for Indigenous students through the new Indigenous pathways initiative (UBC Okanagan):
    • The Indigenous Pathways to Graduate Studies Program prepares indigenous students to explore graduate studies in a supportive, holistic environment.

Wellbeing for people places and our planet

  • Move UBC: Moving for our minds, bodies and the planet (UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan)
  • Creating a culture of care to support student health and wellbeing (UBC Vancouver):
    • IBPOC Wellness Mentors pilot program
    • Embedded Counselling in academic faculties
    • Culturally safe and appropriate care for Indigenous students through a newly created Associate Director, Indigenous Mental Health and Wellness role
    • Counsellors in Residence.
  • All Access Dining: Sustainability and Food Security (UBC Okanagan and UBC Vancouver)
  • Launch of UBC Meal Share Pilot (UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan)
  • Launch of the Anti-Racism Initiatives Fund (UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan)
  • Launch of the Experience Access Excellence fund and Intercultural Excellence Fund (UBC Okanagan)
  • Access to Post-Graduation Work Permits for international students: new procedures to remove immigration-related barriers and ensure equitable access (UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan).

Connection within and across university campuses and communities

  • Expansion of multi-faith spaces and support for students (UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan)
  • Student Connect Program: Peer-to- peer supports in navigating programs and services (UBC Okanagan)
  • Student affordability report and recommendations
  • Increasing access to varsity events through free student admission to UBC Thunderbirds and UBC Okanagan Heat (UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan)
  • Off-campus housing support services (UBC Okanagan).

Support of students through COVID-19

  • Programs and services pivoted to hybrid (in-person and online) offerings
  • Expansion of the Student Assistance Program
  • Student health and wellbeing supports expanded to include virtual and in-person offerings
  • Support program for international students navigating life and learning through the pandemic
  • Rapid screening campaigns
  • COVID self-isolation supports:
    • On-campus housing and meal programs
    • Off-campus self-isolation through the Global Engagement Office Ambassador Program
    • Student Ambassador Program.
  • Supporting students’ transition and return to campus.