Wellbeing for people, places, and our lanet

Wellbeing for People, Places, and our Planet


UBC promotes social justice by embedding inclusion, health, and sustainability into the university experience. The Student Strategic Plan strives to help students feel supported in their journey for personal growth, and build the capacity to care for themselves and one another, their communities, and our world. They thrive as healthy global citizens and serve as agents of change.

Objectives for students

The overarching goal in the Student Strategic Plan is to establish an environment in which students at UBC can access all that the university has to offer, develop in personally meaningful ways, and build competencies that enable them to improve the world. The student objectives under the commitment area of Wellbeing for People, Places, and our Planet are:

Full participation

I feel included, supported, and respected in my university interactions.

Personal growth

I have the knowledge and resilience to uphold anti-racism and care for myself and those around me.

Personal contribution

I can influence change and have a positive impact in the world.

How UBC will help

We recognize the university’s role in providing students with the environment to realize the identified outcomes. By connecting the dimensions of desired outcomes, existing UBC efforts, and student needs, we determined and defined the university-wide student strategies that will guide our work.

Three strategies will guide the advancement of the Wellbeing for People, Places, and our Planet Commitment:

Advancement of social justice through anti-racism and sustainability

We strive to examine and remove systemic barriers to inclusion and engagement, promote equity, and advance climate action with and for students, reinforcing UBC’s commitment to leadership in these key areas.

Student health and wellbeing

We promote health and wellbeing for students, work hard to prevent and respond to threats to student health and safety, and offer dedicated and accessible programming and services that embed and support holistic student health, consistent with the Okanagan Charter.

Indigenous engagement and decolonization

We endeavor to understand and address inequities in support and access for Indigenous students, advancing UBC’s vision of becoming a leading university globally in the implementation of Indigenous peoples’ human rights.

Connect with us

We want to hear from you.

The Student Strategic Plan was developed with valued input from UBC students, staff, and faculty. We invite you to join our conversations, share your feedback, and submit your questions as we continue this journey together.