Transformative learning reinforced through local and global engagement

Transformative learning reinforced through local and global engagement


UBC offers a wide range of learning opportunities for all students, encouraging them to explore their degree, both inside and outside of the classroom. Course-based, work-integrated and community-engaged learning provide students with the tools and experiences to apply their knowledge to the ever-changing world.

Objectives for students

The overarching goal in the Student Strategic Plan is to establish an environment in which students at UBC can access all that the university has to offer, develop in personally meaningful ways, and build competencies that enable them to improve the world. The student objectives under the commitment area of Transformative Learning are:

Full participation

I am inspired and able to engage in learning within and outside of my formal studies.

Personal growth

I have developed as a person through education, research, and engagement at UBC.

Personal contribution

I can navigate and make a difference through my career and life beyond UBC.

How will UBC help

We recognize the university’s role in providing students with the environment to realize the identified outcomes. By connecting the dimensions of desired outcomes, existing UBC efforts, and student needs, we determined and defined the university-wide student strategies that will guide our work.

Three strategies will guide the advancement of the Transformative Learning Commitment:

Academic delivery and program renewal

Our faculty deliver courses and programs that equip students with disciplinary expertise and interdisciplinary perspective, and regularly update what and how they teach to reflect the changing needs of learners and society.

Student advising and career preparation

We provide coordinated and personalized programming and support for students in navigating academic and career pathways, helping them make the most of their time at university and build the skills for agility and success beyond UBC.

Local and global experiential learning

We place “learning-by-doing” at the core of the educational model, especially through student research, giving students varied opportunities to reflect and reason based on real events—a process we know enriches and deepens learning.

Connect with us

We want to hear from you.

The Student Strategic Plan was developed with valued input from UBC students, staff, and faculty. We invite you to join our conversations, share your feedback, and submit your questions as we continue this journey together.