Connections within and across campuses and communities

Connections within and across campuses and communities


At UBC, inclusive and interconnected communities and activities allow students to be part of many academic and social groups. By learning from others around them, students may develop perspective, abilities, skills, and a sense of belonging. The Student Strategic Plan encourages them to celebrate and learn from the differences that enrich our world through these relationships.

Objective for students

The overarching goal in the Student Strategic Plan is to establish an environment in which students at UBC can access all that the university has to offer, develop in personally meaningful ways, and build competencies that enable them to improve the world. The student objectives under the commitment area of Connections within and across Campuses and Communities are:

Full participation

I can access resources and programs to help me participate in university life.

Personal growth

I have a sense of belonging and can help others connect and feel connected.

Personal contribution

I recognize and appreciate the importance of diverse perspectives.

How UBC will help

We recognize the university’s role in providing students with the environment to realize the identified outcomes. By connecting the dimensions of desired outcomes, existing UBC efforts, and student needs, we determined and defined the university-wide student strategies that will guide our work.

Three strategies will guide the advancement of the Connections Within and Across Campuses and Communities Commitment:

Access to student experiences

We are intent on identifying and reducing economic, social, and physical barriers to a UBC education, with an emphasis on affordability, which is foundational to student wellbeing and success.

Student life and communication

We sponsor student-focused and student-led activities that help create an unparalleled experience and strong sense of community. We also strive to ensure that students feel informed and connected through communications that span the university.

Physical and virtual spaces development

We renew campus and online spaces to promote and facilitate student learning and access in ways that advance sustainability and operational excellence, working also with the province to address challenges in housing and transportation.

Connect with us

We want to hear from you.

The Student Strategic Plan was developed with valued input from UBC students, staff, and faculty. We invite you to join our conversations, share your feedback, and submit your questions as we continue this journey together.