Students walking and in conversation outdoors. Text reads: Supporting Students in Recovery.
Supporting Students in Recovery

Supporting Students in Recovery supports our commitment to wellbeing for people, places and the planet.

About the work

The Student Recovery Community (SRC) at UBC Vancouver is a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for students in recovery to receive support and for those wanting to explore their relationship with substances in a safe space. This peer-led mission empowers students with lived experience to support one another on their chosen recovery path. 

Students participating in SRC can get one-on-one support in a safe, private, and confidential setting, join a peer-based recovery support ground, find community with other students navigating recovery, and become a Recovery Ally to support those in recovery.

Students in recovery are a marginalized group that experiences stigma, social exclusion, and isolation. SRC supports all recovery pathways—from harm reduction to abstinence, and everything in between. Services that provide safe spaces for recovery, exploration, and inclusion change the world for young people everywhere. 

The impact

The impact Students in Recovery has made so far: 

Students in Recovery has provided the following.

  • 135 peer support meetings​
  • 11 in-person community events and 156 attendees​
  • 20 outreach events (in-person & virtual)​
  • 215 one-on-one mentoring conversations​
  • 84 one-on-one peer support meetings​
  • 4 Recovery-ally pieces of training ​
  • The program has seen 205% community growth from September 2021to April 2022​.

What people are saying

“I find that recovery meetings and the team are the most accessible source of help on campus, compared to other (mental) health resources. The facilitators genuinely care about the students on a personal level! Every time I go to the drop-in hours, I feel like I am greeted by a friend who truly cares about me beyond my problems.”

—UBC student in recovery