Three UBC students talking and laughing while walking down Main Mall on the UBC Vancouver campus
Introducing Your UBC: Student Strategic Plan

We are thrilled to share UBC’s Student Strategic Plan. The development of this plan is a significant step, bringing an integrated student focus to other plans and initiatives across the university and supporting the consistent application of the student lens when decisions are made at UBC.

A result of extensive engagement with students, faculty, and staff from late 2019 to early 2021, the plan outlines our commitments to all students at UBC. We are extremely grateful for the contributions and counsel from those who were involved in this important process. More than 65,000 students attend the university, from more than 150 countries around the world. No matter which campus they study at, all are UBC students, and one of our main goals is to foster a sense of connection across our faculties, campuses, and learning sites around the province.

We aspire to a future in which students can access all that the university has to offer, grow as individuals, and build the capacity to make a difference in the world around them. We know that students have options and that their expectations of UBC are high. The Student Strategic Plan creates a framework through which we can understand and strive to exceed those expectations.

The plan represents our shared purpose and priorities in fostering an outstanding student experience grounded in learning, development, and fun: one that prepares students to lead in work and life beyond university. It inspires and guides our collective efforts over the next five years to help our students achieve these outcomes. We are excited to work with our students and campus partners in fulfilling our ambition of ensuring that every student at UBC can engage and thrive in all aspects of their lives at university and beyond.

Ainsley Carry Vice-President, Students

Dale Mullings Associate Vice- President, Students, UBC Okanagan