Text with expanded and enhanced career supports on top of image of two students working together
Expanded and Enhanced Career Supports

Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022

Providing students with access to career support and resources at every point in their education journey is part of our commitment to transformative learning reinforced through local and global engagement.

About the work

Students attend university to advance their careers and set themselves up for lifelong learning success, but making your way into the world and finding the right career fit can be a challenging experience. Students at UBC can start seeking support at any point in their education with yearly touchpoints to ensure they receive the support they need.

Expanded and enhanced career supports provide students with opportunities and guidance through multiple programs. Providing a safe space for career development is crucial for student success, academic retention, engagement, and overall student experience.

The impact

The impact expanded and enhanced career supports has made so far:

  • Through expanded and enhanced career supports, students have access to opportunities to build on core skills like resume writing, interviewing, career research, networking, and community connection building.
  • At different points in their education journey, students have had opportunities to attend career events and create essential connections for their careers, many leading to jobs.
  • Programming provides students with seamless referrals to academic advisors. 
  • Expanded and enhanced career supports works to remove barriers by tailoring programming to marginalized students and increasing access to everyone attending UBC.
  • Providing multiple programs that address critical needs like expanding career supports, increasing access to career development specialists, and getting students out into the community through peer-supported outreach. 
  • These programs reduce barriers for all students while increasing access to career-building opportunities. Career supports will continue to expand its reach and endeavours to improve its impact on students of any year or education level.

What people are saying

"My experience at UBC has been positive, and I feel this position is a big part of that. It's given me a window into what it's like to be a researcher, how respectful community engagement takes place, and what it looks like. It's been a transformative experience because I've been involved in fields of study and spaces that are new to me."  

—Sam Grinnell, Year 4 BA English and Cultural Studies