Text with Beyond Tomorrow Scholars on top of a student studying on a laptop
The Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program

Thursday, Sep 22, 2022

The Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program supports our commitment to the wellbeing for people, places, and the planet.

About the work

In September 2021, the Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program (BTSP) launched with a commitment to increasing accessibility and student diversity while addressing systemic racism and taking active steps toward building a better community for all students. UBC recognized the critical need to work collectively to change the narrative and improve outcomes for Black students by working to remove the barriers they face. Accessible education is a human right that provides opportunities, enriched experiences, and the skills needed for personal, social, and academic development. 

BTSP opens the door to an exceptional education for Black Canadian students with outstanding academic and leadership qualifications who may otherwise be unable to attend UBC, and 2021 saw the first cohort of 13 scholars. Supporting these young people to access education sends a message that their future is theirs to create and empowers them to better the world. 

The impact

The impact Beyond Tomorrow Scholars Program has made so far: 

  • BTSP provided students support-focused leadership, education, career, financial, and health/well-being strategies. 
  • BTSP initiated a connection with UBC Black Caucus and Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, offering the very first Black Student Orientation to both campuses. 
  • 88 students attended the first Black Student Orientation, and 86% of attendees reported feeling a sense of community and belonging afterwards. 
  • Through several outreach initiatives to prospective Black students, parents, and counsellors implemented by Student Recruitment and Advising, 111 applications have been received for BTSP Fall 2022.
  • BTSP established a community-based partnership with the Black Opportunity Fund (BOF), which led to potential donor connections and the ability to support the crucial work BOF members do. 
  • Making higher education accessible for all makes a difference across the world. It builds the leaders that the world needs, challenges the systemic racism that exists across the globe, and empowers students everywhere to build the future they want. 

What people are saying

“It is inspiring to witness the unwavering hard work, determination and talent of the first cohort of Beyond Tomorrow Scholars and the long-term impact that the program aims to make in creating joy, belonging and community with and for all UBC Black students.”

—Rohene Bouajram, Associate Director, Strategic Indigenous, Black and People of Colour (IBPOC) Initiatives at The University of British Columbia