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Foundation of the plan

Student Proposition

Through our conversations with students, we created the student proposition of "Living and learning for a better world". As an institution, it is our responsibility to address the discrimination and other injustices that cause challenges for some of our students, and to make sure all students can see themselves able to “live and learn for a better world”.

Student Mission

The student mission is "working together to advance and foster an equitable environment that supports holistic personal growth, inspires purposeful contribution, and removes barriers to full participation". It is the shared responsibility of the faculty, staff, and university leaders who serve our students.

Student Commitments

Through the Student Strategic Plan, we will channel and connect our collective efforts to build a university that consistently delivers upon the student commitments below. They articulate our shared vision for how all students —in five years’ time— will both understand and experience UBC.

  • Transformative learning reinforced through local and global engagement
  • Wellbeing for people, places, and the planet
  • Connections within and across university campuses and communities


The university's values are the enduring principles that guide our decisions and underpin everything we do. The values signal to students how they will be treated, and how the university expects them to act and interact as members of the UBC community.

Below are UBC's values that inform and anchor the Student Strategic Plan, along with the Oxford Dictionary definitions.

A profound and aspirational value: the quality of striving to be, and being, outstanding

A moral value: the quality of being honest, ethical, and truthful

An essential and learned value: regard felt or shown towards different people, ideas, and actions

A unique value of the academy: a scholar’s freedom to express ideas through respectful discourse and the pursuit of open discussion, without risk of censure

A personal and public value: being responsible for our conduct and actions and delivering upon our respective and reciprocal commitments

Our commitment to UBC students

There are three areas where we must focus our work to advance the student proposition and mission. We focus our work on what matters most to students at UBC: education, personal, and socio-ecological health, and community.

Our hopes for students

The Student Strategic Plan articulates nine student outcomes that will serve as an agenda for the university in assessing our progress in the Plan.

We will track progress against these outcomes over time and by student population.

Commitments to our students
Full Participation
Personal Growth
Purposeful Contribution
I am inspired and able to engage in learning within and outside of my formal studies
I have developed as a person through education, research, and engagement at UBC
I can navigate and make a difference through my career and life beyond UBC
I feel included, supported, and respected in my university interactions
I have the knowledge and resilience to uphold anti-racism and care for myself and those around me
I can influence change and have a positive impact in the world
I can access resources and programs to help me participate in university life
I have a sense of belonging and can help others connect and feel connected
I recognize and appreciate the importance of diverse perspectives.

Student strategies guiding our work

For students to realize the outcomes we’ve identified in the plan, the university must provide the environment for them to do so. The following strategies connect desired outcomes, existing UBC efforts, and student needs through a holistic approach.

Transformative learning reinforced through engagement

Strategy 1: Academic delivery and program renewal

Strategy 2: Student advising and career preparation

Strategy 3: Local and global experiential learning

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Wellbeing for people, places, and our planet

Strategy 4: Advancement of social justice through anti-racism and sustainability

Strategy 5: Student health and wellbeing

Strategy 6: Indigenous engagement and decolonization

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Connections within and across campuses and communities

Strategy 7: Access to student experiences

Strategy 8: Student life and communication

Strategy 9: Physical and virtual student spaces renewal

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Connect with us

We want to hear from you.

The Student Strategic Plan was developed with valued input from UBC students, staff, and faculty. We invite you to join our conversations, share your feedback, and submit your questions as we continue this journey together.